Seamens home information

The Seamens home in the port of Umeå

Scope: The seamens home is located in the port of Umeå. Conny Lexberg is the man in charge and he is the only person employed. He is a retired shipping engineer.
History; The seamens home was founded March 19th 1929, with the target to assist seamen and give them a home away from home, while on visit to the Port of Umeå. The first year the home was visited by 3.291 seamen. The starting year the seamens home was supported by 112 members. The seamens home is connected with the Swedish seamens church.
Today: 2016 the number of members is well over 200 persons. Anyone can become a member of the Seamens home.
Activities: Members meet every other week during the period between september and may. Often the meetings include lectures of various topics. During the year of 2015, members met 17 times.

Five questions to the man in charge, Conny Lexberg:

What is the purpose of this Seamenshome?
To give support to seamen visiting the port. In 2015 the home was visited by 2.300 seamen from all over the world. On our premicies they can chat, drink coffee, watch Tv, play table tennis, shop souvenires or use the internet.

What is the objective of the service?
Give service to visiting seamen, and give them a chance to speek to fellow seamen from other ships. We also arrange shopping trips to Umeå.

What is the best with the seamenshome?
The gratitude shown to us by the seamen.

What future do You see for the Seamenshome?
The internet has changed the behaviour of the seamen, thy can now sit onboard and relate to their families. The economy and my age will also determine what happens in the future. We run the Seamens home year by year.

Why should anyone become a member of the Seamenshome?
To enable us to continue our work to brighten the day for visiting seamen.